Platform Overview

Active Intelligence Platform

A modern data lake architecture for managing data, that can be translated into profitable actions

One platform that cuts the data silos between all telecom applications for limitless insights

Digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables delightful digital experiences, that supports new ways of doing business, and that makes the most of new technologies.

Collect data from anywhere in any format powering telecom insights and actions

 CSPs that want to embrace a digital transformation strategy, need to follow a new approach to the way data points are collected, interpreted, and consumed. If data is collected, interpreted, and consumed in a common fashion, then communication service providers (CSPs) can focus on implementing best-of-breed tools and applications needed to implement their digital transformation strategy.
Active Intelligence’s data pipelines automate many of the manual steps involved in transforming and optimizing a continuous data load. Active intelligence data pipeline includes a set of actions that ingest raw data from disparate sources and moves the data to a destination for storage and analysis. As part of that, the data ingestion capability also includes filtering and features that provide resilience against failure.
Collect data from anywhere

Active Intelligence Platform (AIP)

Find out how Mobileum can help you realize your data’s full potential.

Make The Most Of Big Data Technology with Active Intelligence

Mobileum's Active Intelligence is a Big Data Platform that combines several software tools to collect and analyze the growing volume, velocity, and variety of data on Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Active Intelligence is a single one-stop solution for all Big Data needs of a CSP independent of its size and data volume. As 5G becomes crucial to deliver customer service expectations, an increase in network data is expected making the traditional data collection process unsustainable.
Mobileum’s Active Intelligence, paired with the company’s telecom applications, leverages advanced analytics capabilities to deliver closed-loop assurance and automation.

Drive value from your data integration with Active Intelligence

One of the valuable assets of the telecom industry is the capacity to effectively use the data at their fingertips. Discover, access, integrate, and digest all critical data reliably and at scale. With Active Intelligence CSPs can make informed, data-driven decisions leading to improved customer retention, optimized infrastructure spend, and accelerated digital transformation and business growth.
  • Performance optimization on data model plan calculation
  • Predictive pushdown support on data blueprints
  • Improvements on event hub and BPMN to allow the use of external queue brokers and to improve the resilience of BPMN processes

Develop AI models quickly and easily and then act on results

 CSPs are now actively employing data scientists, new tools, and advanced analytical models to quickly adapt to new methods to proactively make sense of data. Data scientists that work in telecom can have various tasks to take care of depending on their internal departments. There could be a data science team that improves customer experience, or one that commands the product and engineering division, while others can pick on the risk management activities.

Mobileum embraces this requirement with an openML engine based on microservice architecture, offering pluggable ML models with extensive support to all ML frameworks. This will enable the CSPs data scientists to plug and play their own developed machine learning models based on any external library or ML frameworks. Thus, offering Telecom organizations to be future proof, as they continue to develop new models to tackle unknown business challenges using different tools and ML approaches.
Develop AI models quickly and easily

Active Intelligence is fueled by analytics that scale with business

Active Intelligence platform delivers advanced telecom analytics that are packaged to satisfy the complex requirements of telecom organizations. These include increasing sales, reducing churn and fraud, improving risk management, and decreasing operational costs. Our analytical platform extends beyond the capabilities of regular BI solutions for reporting and dashboarding, including capabilities ranging from ad hoc querying and multi-dimensional analyses to predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, text analytics, forecasting, and optimization.

Through the usage of  Mobileum's Active Intelligence analytics our customers can improve visibility into core operations, internal processes, and market conditions, discern trends and establish forecasts.
Fueled by analytics

Engage decision-makers through data storytelling

Increase productivity by getting fast and direct access to relevant information. Understand key dependencies and control effectiveness through the user-centered design of the reporting components to better allocate time and resources to where they need to be.

Leverage operational intelligence by gathering data from disparate sources, analyze it in real-time (as it is created or collected), and present it to different stakeholders in a simplified format that enables them to take rapid action and make decisions based on the results.
  • Tailored Business Metrics
  • Enhanced Visual Experience
  • Personalized Alert Notifications
  • Intelligent Reports
  • Continuous Learning
Engage decision-makers

Access visual insights that bridge the gap between senior management, the business, and data experts

Link data literacy and business insights while exploiting augmented analytics. Active Intelligence delivers a collaborative environment, pairing expert data scientists with non-experts across the analytic life cycle in a way to make the most of the skills of each of the parties.

Address a wide range of intelligence analysis and investigation management needs. Identify, investigate, and act on suspicious activities and events of interest quickly and easily with self-service capabilities to address the complete life cycle of an investigation, search, or inquiry.
Access visual insights

Leverage a containerized architecture, with building blocks, and design principles to make your business a success

Active Intelligence cloud-native infrastructure is specifically optimized for hosting Mobiluem’s cloud-native applications. Providing the capability to deploy containers as a service (CaaS) over bare-metal servers without the need for a virtualization layer, the infrastructure solution delivers a radically simplified architecture compared to running containers in virtual machines.

By removing the virtualization layer from the cloud infrastructure, greater efficiency, as well as improved automation and performance, can be achieved. Installations are supported on bare metal servers, virtualized cloud environments (such as OpenStack and VMware), and public cloud virtualized environments including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure
Leverage a containerized architecture

Transform insights into orchestration and automated actions

Take inputs from a variety of sources and apply workflows aligned to processes and procedures. Significantly enhance operations activities by providing machine-powered assistance to human analysts to improve the efficiency and consistency of people and processes.

Enhance the case resolution process by providing access to case content, task workflow, collaborative tools, and content analytics to make informed decisions while in the lab or out in the fields.
  • Adaptive Workflows
  • Collaborative Issue Resolution
  • Investigation Timeline
  • Dynamic Case Priority
  • Assisted Case Resolution
Transform insights

Powered by an event-driven architecture

Digital business demands a rapid response to events. Organizations must be able to respond to and take advantage of "business moments. Digital business is driven by events, and digital business transformation requires competency in event capture, processing, analytics, and action.

Active Intelligence allows our customers to leverage business opportunities that occur in response to a combination of events by reacting in real-time.
  • Bring your own AI (PMML; Tensorflow) support
  • Support SAMLv2 SSO
Event-driven architecture

Flexible Deployment Options for Active Intelligence

Adopt our analytical platform and choose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources. If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, Mobileum provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud models to deploy the platform with its pre-built risk management, roaming, and security modules or apps.
Flexible Deployment Options

What Can You Do With Active Intelligence?

Analytics for Closed-Loop Assurance
By picking data from different sources we combine service orchestration and assurance analytics with the introduction of virtualized components. Active Intelligence and Mobileum’s portfolio can deliver a stronger collaboration between the Assurance and Fulfilment stacks, systems that up to know could generally be considered open-ended systems, i.e. output of the system doesn’t change its operation..
Analytics Closed-Loop Automation
Leveraging our telecom applications, closed-loop automation allows overseeing the network’s automation and management capabilities during the delivery of contracted services. Through data and analytics, closed-loop automation monitors and assesses network occurrences such as faults and congestion, and acts accordingly to correct any issues.
Assure the Telco B2B2X
Active Intelligence for B2B2X delivers a set of tools for enhancing service quality, generating new revenues through the release of innovative services, and improve customers thus reducing customer churn. Our roaming portfolio makes a global leader in mobile inter-carrier roaming, anti-fraud and M2M connectivity.
Accelerate and Protect 5G Deployments
As pre-standard 5G networks are being tested in labs and field evaluations across the globe, Active Intelligence can be used for auditing and monitoring the proper operation of services implemented on top of these networks. Mobileum also offers a full portfolio of 4G and 5G network services to address the needs of Service Providers.
Customer Experience Analytics and Actions
Good customer experience needs valid data and induces positive feelings in the customer. Leveraging high sets of data, consisting of OSS/BSS data, data about a product, mobile usage, and network performance allows Mobileum’s Active Intelligence to deliver CSPs a CX that has a holistic view as well as customer-driven insights and actions.
Link Fraud and Security
Active Intelligence platform delivers a unified approach to fraud, compliance, and security. Leverage security intelligence feeds to build an extra layer of protection backed by telco domain expertise to stop emerging fraud types.

See how Active Intelligence can help protect & grow your business

Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Go Further With Active Intelligence 

User Empowerment
As the digital economy increases the need for IT speed, agility, and innovation, the purpose of our software is to enhance employees' ability to complete work more efficiently and effectively.
  • User-centric Design Concepts
  • Personalized and Responsive UX
  • Powerful Drag-And-Drop Functions
  • Visual Data-Driven Decisions
  • Built for Team Collaboration
Proven Scalability
Active Intelligence is a flexible enterprise-class big data integration platform that optimizes the usage of hardware resources, allowing the maximum amount of data to be processed while meeting current and future performance requirements.
  • Scale Up and Out
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Grow Without Sacrificing performance
  • Tested In The Market
All-in-one Software
Built from the ground up and completely owned by Mobileum, the Active Intelligence platform is a full-service solution with no requirement for 3rd party software licensing.
  • AI/ML Studio Included
  • Visualization Tools
  • Adaptive Case Management
  • Business Rule Processor
  • Fully-Integrated Software Components