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Event Analytics

Providing visibility on traffic usage within event boundaries.

Is your network prepared to deliver superior connectivity at all times during public events?

Huge crowds gather at spectator sporting events, music concerts, and festivals to enjoy an exciting atmosphere, but expect to remain connected on their mobile devices. Variance is the nightmare of any process. Sudden oscillations in demand are, for example, at the heart of traffic jams, hospital queues and electrical blackouts. Unsurprisingly, then, nothing is more conducive to congested mobile telecommunications networks than public events, when thousands of people show up in the same place while still eager to remain 100% ‘online’. Mobileum Event Analytics solution allows CSPs to gain visibility of detailed usage behavior, detect connectivity issues and react in real-time as mass public events take place.
Deliver superior connectivity

Provide seamless in-event services.

Achieve higher subscriber satisfaction and retention rates due to the delivery of superior experiences in memorable moments. Build an improved subscriber perception of network quality that translates into higher willingness to pay for better connectivity. Deliver better ROI for event-focused campaigns with the precise measurement of in-event usage behaviors.
Provide seamless in-event services

Evaluate subscriber usage within event boundaries

Mobileum Event Analytics solution isolates application usage in a specific geographic area for a defined period, extracting the experience of event attendees while excluding irrelevant regions or time intervals. The solution records the performance of periodical events in a single User Interface (UI), so CSPs can compare year-on-year subscriber experiences, profile network traffic, and identify hotspots.
Evaluate subscriber usage

Event Analytics Datasheet

Learn more how Mobileum helps CSPs understand traffic usage within event boundaries.

Understand the changing trends

Network planners must also understand the changing trends in in-event subscriber consumption and identify the main contributors to uplink and downlink traffic. Based on our experience, temporary spikes in uplink traffic during “instagrammable moments” are often accompanied by significantly degraded subscriber experiences.
Understand the changing trends

Real-time observations

Real-time observations should also steer better ‘command center’ decisions, by quickly identifying areas with degrading experience and drilling down to cell level for troubleshooting. The immediate tracking of what is happening in each point of interest/group of cells supports network fine-tuning for optimal resources allocation and helps to define which cells to offload subscribers to, or to trigger other strategies (such as adjusting antenna angles).
Real-time observations

6 reasons you can serve better your Subscribers attending public events with Mobileum Event Analytics.

precise troubleshooting of cell
to address deteriorated connectivity experienced by event attendees through various load-balancing methods.
Perform efficient interventions in the backhaul network
by producing Subscriber Rating System (SRS) scores for event-goers.
Optimize core network traffic policies for poorly-performing apps
by isolating them during an event and preemptively securing resources for future demand/adjustments in transport networks.
radio planning and optimization strategies
by detecting the worst-performing cells during an event and provisioning additional radio resources.
Standby network resources to cope with in-event
usage anomalies, by identifying moments that significantly strain the network.
Assess the impact of in-event marketing campaigns
by measuring subscribers’ usage of different applications within the event area.