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Communications Service Providers (CSPs), already feeling the impact of fraud across dedicated networks for voice, SMS and data traffic as well as converged networks, will now be facing additional fraud challenges associated with Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Fraud Management Products

Fraud Management Products

Since NGNs are responsible for the provisioning of ground breaking services, operators have been placed in the difficult position of dealing with a whole raft of unanticipated fraud scenarios. Operators cannot tackle these challenges using conventional fraud management systems (FMS) because they were not built for today’s increasingly complex networks. More suitable tools are needed to improve NGN fraud detection without abandoning previous network environments.

Mobileum’s Fraud Management solution addresses a whole range of fraud types across a wide variety of environments. Its technology is powered by cross-functional data feeds that are capable of producing interdepartmental alarms and flagged behaviours that ultimately can be consolidated into actionable reporting, and capable of showing a 360º view of a company’s business performance. Not only tackles current known fraud patterns, but also protects CSPs against unknown and upcoming threats. It can be tightly integrated into a CSP environment and is capable of interacting with numerous systems.

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