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Safeguard the overall resilience and availability of your communication services

Long gone is the time where the telco industry used to be all about voice traffic. Today, telecommunications connect billions of people, businesses, and devices across the globe, being the fundamental pillar of the digital transformation. Challenges and opportunities grow with the merge of voice, data, video, image, and wireless communications technologies. In this context, operators must offer a positive network experience at a reasonable price, while offering reliable, fast, efficient, and profitable services. 

To guarantee all the above in this era of convergence and disruption, operators worldwide use Mobileum’s end-to-end active testing platform to test, monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark the whole spectrum of mobile services. Safeguarding basic services such as Voice, Messaging, Data is paramount as they are the building blocks for other services offerings in which to capitalize.

safeguard the overall resilience and availability

Commit to quality voice services every time, real-time

Voice technologies and the cost of voice have changed over time. Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) are cost-effective ways to transport voice. Regardless of the technology and the path from one end to the other, customers’ expectations on quality remain high. New voice codecs, such as EVS and the competition from OTT voice services, warrant increased attention to voice quality.

Mobileum’s Voice Testing Solution monitors the performance of voice services across all technologies, services, and codecs. Our Active Testing Platform monitors voice quality using industry standard algorithms (POLQA), and generates real-time insights and alarms for:
  • Fixed Line (PSTN and ISDN)
  • 2G & 3G Circuit Switched Voice
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB)
commit to quality voice services every time

VoLTE testing

Traditional voice services and revenues are declining mainly because of over-the-top (OTT) apps such as WhatsApp. As 2G and 3G networks decline, Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) becomes an essential service for MNOs to differentiate services, adopt new pricing structures, and partner or compete with OTT players. Global VoLTE users should reach five billion by 2024, up three billion from today. 

Mobileum’s VoLTE testing validates and ensures stable, high-performing VoLTE services, covering major functional and performance requirements. It allows users to monitor voice scenarios and the interconnection between VoLTE and 2G/3G CS Voice, VoWiFi or VoIP. We use:
  • Wireless Modules for end-to-end VoLTE measurements
  • Smartphones to measure the subscriber experience
  • S1 Core NW Interface for high volume and regression testing
  • Supplementary Services Testing to guarantee the same supplementary voice services as in traditional 2G/3G networks

VoLTE Testing

VoIP testing

By deploying VoIP solutions, enterprises can improve communication and collaborations among employees and remote users to increase business productivity. As mobile VoIP services depend on the reliable and high-speed wireless networks, investments in the wireless technologies such as 4G networks and upcoming 5G technology will increase the adoption of mobile VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Voice. 

Mobileum’s VoIP testing tool performs real-time end-to-end active testing for VoIP-Voice and VoIP-Supplementary Services for both business and residential service offerings.  It measures voice quality and other parameters that impact the user experience such as call drop and call delay, known as Jitter. Our IP SLA monitoring ensures that the underlying IP infrastructure delivers the required IP connectivity and monitors the quality of IP networks in terms of latencies, packet loss and throughput.  
VoIP testing

Robust probes preserving the quality of voice, messaging, and data services

Mobileum’s Testing and Monitoring Intelligence platform has a modular architecture design for maximum flexibility in service and communication protocols. The Central Unit controls and coordinates the whole system and includes the operation and maintenance manager, scheduler, resource manager, and test execution manager. Local Units can be placed throughout the network to cover all key markets and network segments, depending on customer needs and number of required interfaces. All units can be managed remotely without manual intervention. 

Our platform performs real end-to-end operations over various standardized worldwide. Features include reproducible test scenarios, effective benchmarking, fast regression tests, data visualization via charting and mapping, and activity logs for in-depth analysis. It ensures QoS and QoE, and reduces operational costs through prevention, early identification of outages, and real-time alarms.

robust probes preserving quality

Voice, Data & Messaging Testing

E2E active testing to ensure your commitments on high-quality services

Messaging testing

While SMS, the traditional default messaging app, remains an important revenue generator for mobile operators, it has been contrasted with explosive growth of over-the-top (OTT) services like WhatsApp. As messaging services hit the mark of 1 billion users worldwide, competition and expectations raise various challenges for operators. 

Mobileum’s Testing Suite uses end-to-end active testing to ensure consistent and high-performance messaging across 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE & 5G technologies. It offers seamless testing of domestic and foreign SIM profiles with its SIM Multiplexer. Our solution has been designed to test, monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark messaging services and covers the following use cases:
  • IMS (SMS, RCS, SMSoWiFi, and SMSoIP)
  • OTT Messaging Application Testing for Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter, Skype, WeChat, and Line
  • MMS and MMS over WiFi (MMSoWiFi)
  • Voice Mail Service (VMS)
  • Value-Added Services (VAS)
Messaging Testing

Data testing

Today’s networks transport a colossal amount of data containing text, voice, audio, or video, and the consumption of data-intensive services must be reliable, fast, and cost-effective, as customers equate the quality of service with quality of experience. Data rates are constantly marketed as differentiators between MNOs, who must ensure end-user satisfaction by optimizing their network and data services.

Mobileum’s data testing addresses data capacity, speed, throughput, availability, etc., nationally and in roaming. It supports different methods for latency testing, from basic ping, to one-way delay measurements using OWAMP or TWAMP. Our robust wireless modules test end-user QoS, while smartphones monitor native or OTT service QoE.

Features include interconnection testing between several networks, regression testing, detailed analysis of IP connectivity, and IP traffic emulation, based on transport protocol, packet size, inter-departure time, and duration.

Data Testing

IP network testing

With the introduction of LTE, IP became an integral part of mobile networks enabling all modern mobile applications. LTE-Advanced and 5G brought further user expectations and requirements for a seamless mobile data experience. 

Mobileum’s IP network testing suite addresses fundamental IP metrics (latency, throughput, and packet loss) in both mobile and fixed environments. It offers:
  • Data Capacity testing for an accurate measurement of the total transmission capacity available to a subscriber
  • IP Link Testing for One-Way-Delay (OWD) measurements and Trace Route/node exposure (MTR) analysis. It ensures SLAs for enterprise data customers, monitors internal tools like CRM and valued added services such as content delivery
  • IP traffic Generator to measure different types of traffic and is based on transport protocol, packet size, inter-departure time, and duration
  • Throughput testing using Ookla Speetest
IP network testing

6 reasons to trust Mobileum’s active testing platform to safeguard your voice, messaging, and data services

Validate your IP Network
Validate your IP network
Tackle latency, throughput, and packet loss in both mobile and fixed environments to safeguard your IP network, an integral part of mobile networks and key enabler of mobile applications.
Real time alarms and reports
Real-time alarms and reports
Precise troubleshooting and immediate alarming for any service deterioration affecting individual and converged voice, data, and messaging services.
Decrease risks
Our diagnostic and regression capabilities ensure that maintenance work, updates, upgrades, and new technologies roll-out do not affect existing services.
Reduce costs for Operator
Pro-active, cost-saving automated testing and validation of both individual services and integrated systems to avoid breakdowns and safeguard the network ecosystem.
Faster time to market
Our all-in-one active automated testing platform helps customers to avoid inefficiencies, validate and optimize new services with precise measurements and insights.
Avoid churn and brand deterioration
Avoid churn and brand deterioration
Failing to provide high quality for basic services such as voice, data and messaging can result in customer outflow or stop them from buy new services.

Protect your revenues and services against faults and criminal attacks

201016 mobileum card firewall testing
Voice Firewall
Mobileum’s voice firewall monitors the network, generates alerts, and control inbound and outbound voice network activity, and automatically blocks illegal activities real-time. It allows TDM and IP networks to deliver voice calls safely and secure and protects Caller ID from Spoofing and Robocall. Our solution automatically scans through phone number databases, ranges, and destinations to determine “blacklist” callers. Furthermore, it is tightly integrated with our Fraud Management System to provide protection against fraudulent attacks.
VoIP & SIP Fraud
At the same time that VoIP saves money and resources by transmitting calls over high-speed internet, it also faces more fraud and network security issues while travelling through several layers of intermediary VoIP service providers. Mobileum’s VoIP & SIP Fraud prevention tool allows proactive detection of fraudulent attacks at the signaling layer. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), combined with pre-packaged rule sets, to help CSPs to tackle frauds and reduce losses.
Revenue Assurance
Mobileum uses an end-to-end approach for monitoring and controlling revenue leakage in telecom environments.  Our solution addresses inaccurate billing, services under-charging, negative margins, technology migrations, errors in the mediation process, delays on order cash, incomplete or missing orders, partner monetization, missing service upgrades, billing and validation, etc. 

Basic services testing with 360° Service Assurance

The SITE Active Testing Platform is an integral part of Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), a ML platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, that optimizes root cause analysis and enables operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance from day zero.

SITE supports 2G, 3G, LTE, IoT, and 5G, generating real-time traffic into domestic networks using probes strategically placed to provide geographical coverage and fault localization, flagging problems before impact, and emulating the real subscriber behavior. The use cases covered by SITE are Smartphone Testing, 5G Testing, IoT Testing, eSIM & RSP Testing, Emergency Services Testing, Video Testing, Voice Testing, Data Testing, and Messaging Testing.

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