4G Core and VoLTE Testing | Lab & Performance Testing

Test agents and proxies using client simulation and server emulation

Mobileum’s dsTest offers server emulation and client simulation capabilities for comprehensive testing of 3GPP 4G core network interface functionality and performance. By selecting the interfaces required to accomplish your testing goals, a network element is surrounded with client simulators that simulate client activity or provision a server emulator with the interfaces necessary to support end-to-end testing.  Our solution tests 5G, LTE, EPC, eMBMS, SMS, WLAN Offload, and VoLTE networks, and gathers Big Data to support the identification of patterns and provide new business opportunities, revenues, and efficiencies in network operations.

Mobileum dsTest is a software product that provides an environment that supports the goals of network function virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).
4G core network testing

Lab and performance testing for faster LTE deployment

Focused on protocol development, test, and traffic analysis, Mobileum's dsTest solution provides performance and functional testing tools intended for the rapid deployment of protocols stacks.   dsTest is a software platform designed to take advantage of the latest COTS processor technology to provide very high performance and capacity products, which cost-effectively scale to hundreds of millions of subscribers and 1.2 million transactions per second or more.

dsTest provides solutions for testing/emulating subscriber management, policy, and charging, Diameter Routing, DPI, Big Data, SMS, GTP, and IMS nodes with the 3G/4G/5G mobile packet core.  We provide customized variants of standard protocols or full custom protocol/applications on our flexible platform.  We also offer analysis of Diameter and GTP traffic with our dsAnalyzer tool.
4G core and VoLTE testing

Simplified Voice over LTE testing 

Mobileum’s dsTest emulates the PCRF, PGW, and P-CSCF to simulate VoLTE subscriber activity through the DRA, initiating procedures with the PCRF over the Gx and Rx interfaces.  It can host thousands of PGWs and CSCFs attempting to connect to multiple PCRFs, requiring the DRA to route transactions for specific subscribers to the appropriate PCRF. 

A shared subscriber database enables the PCRF to be provisioned with the same profiles that supply the emulated PGW and CSCF with subscriber identities, service definitions, SmartAVPs, and the SmartEvents. By using a common repository it keeps configured and dynamic subscriber information synchronized across all devices and applications. Our simplified testing:
  • Establish IP-CAN session 
  • Activate dedicated bearer
  • Terminate dedicated bearer
  • Terminate IP-CAN session
4G core and VoLTE Testing

6 key capabilities of Mobileum’s 
4G core network & VoLTE testing

Application and interfaces
Applications and Interfaces
Supported applications and interfaces can be mixed to create different testing scenarios with emulated and real network nodes. 
Interactive subscriber database
Interactive subscriber database
Monitor, modify, trigger any subscriber in the DB, change subscriber policies, APN, events.
Scalable solution for Core Network Testing
Scalable and built
for performance
Supports hundreds of millions of simulated subscribers. Supports up to one million simulated gNBs within a single instance. 
Continuous monitoring
Log subscriber actions continuously or only on an error and capture real-time events. 
Fully automated
Test execution can be fully automated as part of the SITE Automation Framework (add link) using RESTful APIs or by using XML-based APIs or the CLI.
High-Performance Packet capture
High-Performance Packet capture
Capture all incoming and outgoing packets at rates exceeding 200,000 packets per second.

Leveraging other products in our Portfolio

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5G was specifically designed to meet IoT needs, whereas 2G, 3G, and 4G were never developed with IoT in mind. It brings two key attributes which neither NB-IoT nor LTE can deliver; they are: low latency and ultra-reliability. Know more about our 5G testing solutions and how they support IoT environments.
Smartphone Experience
For the ongoing monitoring of communication service providers (CSP) customer's experience and continued end-to-end testing of your 5G services, Mobileum test automation supports flagship 5G smartphone performance when it comes to measuring, monitoring, and benchmarking network services and APP performance using 5G enabled devices. 
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Automation Framework
AF offers a set of tools that enable operators to automate manual testing and monitoring processes at all stages of the network lifecycle, from design to deployment and operations. It includes the capability to run variants of existing test cases (5G, IoT, voice, data, messaging, etc.) and offers keyword-driven scripting on top of a group of testing building blocks.

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