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From lab to live network testing

dsTest is a suite designed explicitly for network equipment manufacturers and service providers to reduce the time to market of new services while ensuring the network quality and performance requirements are not compromised. It facilitates the cost-effective testing of high-performance protocols and applications, and focuses on 3G/4G/5G core network service interfaces to enable E2E network evolution testing.

You select the interfaces required, the client simulators to simulate the client activity. You can also provision a server emulator with the interfaces necessary to support testing, or test agents and proxies using client simulation and server emulation. Our tool allows you to test your 5G, LTE, EPC, eMBMS, SMS, WLAN Offload, VoLTE, and CIoT networks or gather Big Data to support the identification of patterns that will provide new business opportunities, revenues, and efficiencies to network operations.
lab and live network testing

Simplified testing for multiple interface applications

Mobileum’s dsTest has significantly simplified the testing of the core packet network while still giving the flexibility to create complex scenarios that span multiple interface applications without writing a single script. Our interface applications implement the procedures defined in the applicable standards allowing you to quickly verify the capabilities of your network elements without advanced protocol knowledge. Moreover, our comprehensive measurements and reporting feature highlight problem areas.

Our client simulators allow you to test your server network elements’ capacity and performance, while the server node emulators provide network services for your testbed. A mix of client simulators and server emulators provides full interface test coverage.
mobileum interface applications and network node emulators

Smarter reporting for extensive measurements 

Mobileum’s dsTest produces an extensive and comprehensive set of operational measurements (OMs) with insights into your test’s progress or to diagnose the root cause of failures. Measurements are collected at configurable intervals of 1 second or longer and are written to an SQLite database. Reporting features range from sampling snapshot OM values using our dsClient Terminals command-line interface to the rich reporting features found in the dsClient Desktop. You can view charts or tabular reports while the test is running or after completion. Our SmartReport feature along with your customized pass/fail criteria allows you to see whether the test was a success. Our SmartReport’s statistical analysis and troubleshooting capabilities identify difficult performance issues. To aid in automated testing, the dsClient Desktop can write the information from SmartReport’s dashboard to an HTML file using your customized template.
smarter reporting for extensive measurements

TSAR for automated lab testing

To ease the integration of dsTest into a CI/CD/CT automated test environment Mobileum offers an extension package to dsTest called TSAR (Test, Scheduling, Automation, and Reporting), which provides a mediation layer between pipeline tools and dsTest. TSAR facilitates the cost-effective testing of network changes and upgrades, by considerably reducing the time and complexity in the testing process with far fewer API calls to carry out complex test suites and accurately detecting anomalies and weaknesses with fewer resources to operate and drive repeatable validation.
testing sequencing automation reporting

5GC NF validation in containers

dsTest is a pure software platform designed for cloud-based services such as VMs, AWS, Containers/Docker, and Bare Metal. Docker container interacts with 5G cloud service mesh, allowing automated SCP functional tests.

Users can easily build and edit scripts to match call flows with customized headers to generate sufficient SBI traffic for successful automated SCP feature testing. The ability to add, modify, and remove HTTP2 SBI headers is particularly helpful when working through various service mesh configurations when some are not fully known or understood at the outset. Its key features are: Ingress rate limiting, Egress Rate limiting, Circuit Breaker, Outlier Detection, and Overload controls, by using dsTest as the traffic source and/or destination.
containerized testing

Capture the packets without missing a beat 

dsTest’s Packet Capture feature allows you to capture all incoming and outgoing traffic during your test without missing a beat. Apply filtering by protocol, port, or connection to capture only a portion of the traffic. As with the reporting features, you can use dsClient Desktop to stream the live capture to your Wireshark application while the test is running or download the capture and view it after the test is completed.
capture incoming and outgoing traffic

Protocol dictionaries to cover message handling and reference guides

Mobileum’s dsTest provides a set of reference guides to aid in your testing, including dictionaries for the control plane protocols used in 3GPP 3G, 4G, and 5G core networks. Each dictionary, prepared from standards specifications, presents a hierarchical view of the protocol from the application, procedure, or service level through the associated message definitions and down to the components (AVPs, IEs, attributes, or JSON structures) required or allowed in each message.

Our protocol dictionaries can be used for more than reference materials. dsTest can be configured to validate all incoming messages against the base dictionary, ensuring compliance with the applicable specifications. You can also define custom dictionaries for use in your tests to validate expected values in the message content, including dynamic values drawn from the subscriber database.
protocol dictionaries for message handling and reference guides

Subscriber database as the keystone to tests

dsTest's Subscriber Database is provisioned with all the information associated with mobile subscribers. Each node emulator may be configured with its own database, but the true power of the database is realized when it is shared among multiple nodes. In the latter case, the subscriber information is shared among nodes and the information learned through the transaction processing becomes available to another application.

The common information for many subscribers is stored in subscriber profiles: subscription, policy, and charging, IMS, SMS, or UE capabilities, etc. Subscribers arranged in groups define the unique information for each subscriber (identities and authentication keys) and to a particular subscriber’s current state, such as location information or serving gateway. Subscriber groups are then associated with the profiles that pertain to the interface applications in the test. Profile assignments may also be changed during the test to simulate subscription or policy changes.
subscriber database

SmartProfile feature for the maximum test scenario control  

Mobileum’s SmartProfile gives you maximum control over your test scenario by altering the behavior of interface applications, altering, or validating message content, simulating network latency, or defining explicit message flows for select protocols.
  • SmartEvents: a programmable state machine that operates independently for each subscriber to alter application behavior, coordinate behavior across multiple interface applications, randomize subscriber actions, or validate the content of messages. 
  • SmartMonitor: Trace a subscriber’s journey through your SmartEvents state machine while the test is running and get real-time feedback on all subscribers' current positions.
  • SmartMessageElement: Used in conjunction with SmartEvents to alter message content, thus adding vendor-specific AVPs, or performing negative testing.
  • SmartFlow/ServiceFlow: define explicit message flows for select protocols, each with a programmable state machine that can also interact with SmartEvents.
SmartProfile for test scenario control

6 key capabilities of Mobileum’s 
Lab & Performance testing

Application and interfaces
Applications and Interfaces
Supported applications and interfaces can be mixed to create different testing scenarios with emulated and real network nodes. 
User friendly scripting
Interactive subscriber database
Monitor, modify, trigger any subscriber in the DB, change subscriber policies, APN, events.
Scalable solution for Core Network Testing
Scalable and build
for performance
Supports hundreds of millions of simulated subscribers. Supports up to one million simulated gNBs within a single instance. 
continuous monitoring
Log subscriber actions continuously or only on error and capture real-time events. 
fully automated
Lab Core Network test interfaces can be fully automated, e.g with SITE Automation Framework, using REST or XML APIs or CLI.
high performance
High-Performance Packet capture
Capture all incoming and outgoing packets at rates exceeding 200,000 packets per second.

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