Analytics and Data Science

Mobileum Analytics & Data Science

The Value Behind Your Data

A Team Of Data Scientists To Leverage The Value Of Big Data

Mobileum's Analytics & Data Science is a team of data scientists with global telecom expertise.
They use advanced analytics techniques like segmentation, prediction, hypothesis testing, and others, on top of data you already have to transform it into recommendations that you can leverage.
A tailored action plan is delivered in less than 6 weeks at which point you can decide if and when to move forward and implement the recommendations

Meaningful Insights For The Telecom Industry

The quantity and variety of existing and new data generated in the telecom industry is reaching unparalleled levels. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for the telecommunications industry to explore value of their data.

Based on that data, the team applies its deep technical expertise in advanced analytics and its telecom industry experience to harness business-critical information.
The result is the transformation of raw data into meaningful and actionable insights to influence future strategy and drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Mobileum Analytics & Data Science Portfolio

Discover how we can harness your data with the right talent and technologies to achieve your business goals

Harnesses The Full Power Of Big Data With A Team Of Data Scientists

Mobileum's Active Intelligence software provides a game-changing repository of information for data scientists. It allows data miners and business analysts to leverage all telecom data while still achieving high performance throughout the entire modeling cycle - from data prep through exploratory data analysis through to model scoring and deployment.
Extend your data integration from existing OSS/BSS data, big data, IoT systems, and new enterprise applications & databases swiftly and aggregate them. Leverage Active Intelligence's analytical capabilities and machine-learning algorithms for better and predictive Roaming, Security and Fraud and Risk insights.

Industry Expertise On Specific Issues Of Digital Transformation

Risk Analytics
Use data to make better decisions and mitigate risk.
  • Evaluate customers’ credit risk and bad debt potential
  • Predict disputes and amount of credits
  • Understand network performance and prevent outages
  • Monitor devices’ inventory
Revenue Analytics
Maximize revenue streams by understanding its drivers.
  • Evaluate dealer risk and fraud potential
  • Optimize dealer incentive strategies and channel performance
  • Mitigate revenue volatility
Customer Analytics
Improve customer experience and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Understand drivers behind customer churn
  • Identify next-best offer for every individual customer
  • Improve customer service
  • Forecast and reduce the cost of service by understanding customers’ preferred method of communication

6 (Good) Reasons Why You Should Work With Mobileum Analytics & Data Science Services

Telco Technical Expertise
Our global team of data scientists, engineers and consultants have exceptionally strong analytical skills in working with telecom data and producing measurable results for business improvement.
Put All Your Data To Work
Active Intelligence has all the necessary tools to make data relationships. It allows for seamless data preparation, quick risk management model creation, and smooth implementation. Our Mobileum data science team adds extra value to active intelligence by delivering better results when it comes to developing analytical models for faster, smarter business decision-making.
Risk Management Consulting Services
By embedding analytics into the risk management consulting service delivery approach, we can monitor performance through risk sensitivity analysis, model key risk events scenarios, and become more risk intelligent in developing intervention and mitigation strategies.
Deep Industry Knowledge
Our team has an extensive understanding of the telecommunications' industry that enables us to connect the right data to the right decisions when it comes to areas such as revenue assurance, fraud management or customer value management...
It's all about our clients. We work collaboratively with our clients to fully understand their complex problems, and then to communicate recommendations to their challenges in a straightforward manner.
Proven Track Record of Success
With over 15 years of experience, Mobileum has an established reputation and a long and successful track record in delivering benefits to our clients.

Mobileum Risk Consulting Services

Digital disruption is redefining the customer experience, bringing both complexities and opportunities to the telecoms industry. Analytics can provide CSPs with the ability to understand these trends and the resources to capitalize on the opportunities they present. Through the combination of our risk management consulting services for the telecommunications industry and our substantial analytics capabilities, we can help our customers to uncover new ways to drive innovation and results.