Mobileum Assurance Solution

Mobileum's unmatched value proposition

Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS) is a self-learning platform developed to optimize root cause analysis and enable operators to perform network upgrades in a timely, cost-effective, and reliable manner, thus getting it right the first time.  

To cope with the shortened deployment cycles brought by 5G, MAS supports DevOps and Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment/Continuous Testing (CI/CD/CT) practices as well as network automation for pre-launch and turn-up testing of new 5G services.

Our end-to-end active testing with synthetic traffic analysis and passive traffic analysis provides a correlation of services KPIs across RAN, CORE, IMS, and BSS systems that assure the Quality of Experience for voice, data, video, social networking, messaging, and emergency services.

From lab to

Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS) offers comprehensive pre-launch testing, allowing operators to fully test releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact. In addition, regular automated tests can be created to ensure deployment.

Our active testing and node emulation enable fault segmentation to areas of the network or even a particular network element. Passive data and network element information can be automatically correlated to provide a comprehensive picture of the fault, enabling faster MTTR with few resources.  Both synthetic traffic measurements and passive monitoring across the RAN, CORE, and BSS segments, together with lab test tools from the same GUI for comprehensive but simplified KPI analysis. 
mobileum assurance solution from lab to live

5G-driven automated assurance

5G features such as network slicing, with different SLAs per slice, multi-Access Edge Compute, cloud, and virtualization all add dynamism and complexity to the network. Passive monitoring alone is no longer fully effective nor cost scalable.  Combining multiple sources of data (synthetic traffic measurements, customer experience monitoring KPIs, and Network health KPIs) and using sequential automated testing, Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS) determines the customer experience, verifies business impacts, and detects increasingly difficult to diagnose network errors, thus guaranteeing an overall enhanced network quality.

MAS offers comprehensive pre-launch testing, with deep real-time analytics and addresses increased 5G security requirements.  It uses analytics and machine learning to indicate Key Quality Indicators (KQI), trends and patterns, and supports CI/CD/CT network delivery model, SDN, SON, dynamic MEC, slicing, micro-services, and closed-loop automation.  MAS evolves with industry needs underpinning the complete lifecycle support of service design, deployment, operations, and business impact analysis.

mobileum assurance solution platform

True 360°

Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS) gives 360° insights on service quality from both customer experience and network performance by generating a cross-correlation analysis across the network, user KPIs and service KPIs. It provides the complete customer experience view with 24/7 real-time analytics of individual subscriber digital activity:
  • Quality of experience 
  • Local and roaming web, and application activity
  • On the public WiFi or the home or office broadband
  • Tethered devices
  • Geolocation history
  • Billing/charging experience
  • Customer care components

MAS offers data collection and data analysis across various network domains, generating actionable insights, allowing operators to take corrective action and reduce turnaround time from network outage to network upgrade completion.
220125 mobileum customer experience network performance analysis

Smart insights for comprehensive assurance 

To determine the customer experience, verify business impacts, and find the root cause of failures, huge volumes of passive data must be analyzed, usually a difficult, labor-intensive, and high-cost process. MAS delivers a cost-efficient highly valuable and scalable network analytics engine that uses commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The distinction of software and hardware for deep network analytics brings extreme value to mobile network operators in gaining an eagle-eyes view of any customer for any application in a few clicks. It provides comprehensive CEM, compliments, and adds insights to active assurance, giving the full picture of service users across the network. 

AI/ML-driven smart insights are enabled by ML-based contextual correlation of active and passive data with a prediction for future incidents. Incidents deliver unparalleled validation of Customer Experience and Network Performance through our Advanced DPI Machine Learning analytics engine. The benefits:
  • Delivers 20% of the hardware cost 
  • Uses COTS servers
  • Scales cost-effectively for the task
  • Addresses 5G Edge Analytics and dynamic mass events via Cloud hosting
Unified GUI for Mobileum Assurance Solution

6 key reasons to use
Mobileum Assurance Solution

AI/ML insights
Powered by AI/ML insights
Supports for customer-defined AI/ML advanced simplified RCA
Extended user plane analytics
Extended user plane analytics
Over 28K+ OTT applications support
Automated root cause analysis
Automated root cause analysis
Across RAN, CORE, IMS, and Policy functions
Vendor agnostic solution
Vendor agnostic
Service assurance platform for wireless and fixed vendors 
360 degree view
360° view 
Insights from customer experience and network performance
From lab to live testing
From lab to live
Complete lifecycle support of 4G/5G services from lab to live with CI/CD/CT driven automation

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